2016-2017 Athletes of the Month

February 2017

Joesph is being selected as an athlete of the month that was voted by coach. He deserved it since he had been working very hard. He determined to give the best game that was playing against Western Pennsylvania for the Deaf. He made 19 points including 5-8 3 pt field goal.  He didn’t quit playing in every game. He played well as the defense. He averaged 6.1 points per game. He had an amazing academic while he was the captain of a team. He was kind and supportive of his team. He had a friendly and easygoing personality and easygoing With his team. I could see that he learned a lot from what he had done since last year.  He was helping with his team on the defensive skills.  We wish him the best in the future. The coaches wanted to thank him for being a leader to a team with his positive attitude and support.





Carlos earned his first team All-American of Division Two. He averaged 15.4 points per game for 24 games. His skills had showed a huge improvement. He never quit these games. His high career point was 27 points. He was a captain of a team and he guided his team. He assembled his a team as team-builders. He had these responsibilities in order to make a better team with a positive attitude. He had experienced in winning ESDAA Division 1 championship.  He earned an All-tournament awards from Tip-off at New Jersey School for the Deaf and ESDAA Tournament at American School for the Deaf.  He always spoke for what his heart would show. He led a team with a high point, stole and assisted for 24 games. He played basketball for 3 years and that included three straight tip-off at New Jersey and winning ESDAA tournament at Lexington in 2016.  He was a true leader for a team regardless he has other things to do such as academic and home. His famous motto that always shared with his team is “Winning! We never quit every game”.

January 2017

Roza is our January athlete of the month. She has really showed improvement in all areas of her play. The one area that impressed me is her defense play. She in right in the middle finding a opposing player to box out and grab the rebound. Roza is a great team player who supports her teammates.









The Boys basketball coaches decided to select Jaykuss to be an Athlete of the Month. The reasons we had acknowledged how much Jaykuss had improved since he was a freshman – from apathetic player to pro-active player. He had showed that he had a better attendance and academic. He really had worked so hard to continue to be on the basketball team. He averaged 11.6 points, 2 rebounds, and 2 out of 5 3-pointer for 5 games during the month of January. He got career high 27 points against Stamford Academy. He has a great potential player. He showed us that he learned his mistakes and try to not repeat his mistakes. We are amazed how much he has been improving since he starts basketball season. Congrats to Jaykuss!

December 2016

The female athlete of the month for December is Samantha. Samantha is a versatile player that helps our team in anyway she can. In the month of December she help the team place 2nd in the New Jersey Tip off Tournament. Samantha was picked to the All Tournament team during the Tip-off Tournament for all of her hard work during that weekend. During the month of December Samantha had 62 rebounds (7.8 per game), 35 steals (4.4 per game), and 48 points (6 per game). She has done a wonderful job at leading the team on and off the court. Congrats Samantha!






Carlos is being selected for athlete of the month of December.  The team coaches made decision and voted him because he was a captain of a team who worked so hard and guided his players in every game.  He average 18 points for December. He helped his team to win Tip-off tournament at NJSD. He earned the All-tournament award while he averaged 20 points. He had a lot of experiences for the championship on the third straight wins. He took responsibility and fed his team with support and guidance and at the same time he had learned to overcome his challenge as a leader.  The coaches praised him for his hardworking as the captain.  His goal was to build his confidence and show his passion in working with his players.  He learned a lot to become a player who would delegate his passing and shooting to his team. His dream is to win the ESDAA championship at ASD. He quoted, “We work together as a team with confidence and prepared.” Congrats Carlos!

November 2016

The coaches decided to select Christian. He already showed his amazing performance in his defense. He is a currently rookie this season. He had high motivation for every game. He had showed his best every time.  He has been a good defender with 5 average steals. I never have seen that number. He loves to learn something that is more challenging that would improve his skills to play better.  When the coaches watched him doing practices. He always has been done on his best no matter what. I have seen him building his confidence to play the best he could be at every game. As off the court, he continues to show respect for coaches, players, teachers, staff and students. He takes his responsibility very well.  Congratulation, Christian!





The Athlete of the month is Anjel.  Anjel had a willingness to learn. She is always asking what she can do to improve herself as a basketball player.  That shown in our first game when Anjel had 17 rebounds and 5 points.   The energy she brings to the court is contagious. Congrats Anjel!

October 2016

Samantha, a 10th grader, is our female athlete of the month for October. It is her third year playing volleyball. Her leadership and plays on the court have been wonderful since the beginning of the season.
Samantha led Fanwood to a record of 12-12 during the month of October. At the ESDAA Volleyball Tournament, she earned the All Star Tournament Award and led Fanwood to 4th place.
One of highlights during ESDAA Volleyball Tournament was when Samantha ended the game vs. Lexington School for the Deaf with her trademark strong service point. As a setter, Samantha has a natural instinct and drive for the game. She has a really great intuition about which player to give the ball to, or when to try for a kill. Samantha controls the game really well.
Samantha’s expectation for her teammates is always high and this them to improve as players. When other players become frustrated or feel “off”, I love that she won’t let it affect her own performance; she continues to play at her best regardless. This year, her service skills have improved so much. Also, she is able to handle pressure really well. With that being said, she is an extraordinary player and teammate.
Congratulations, Samantha!


Fernando, a junior grade, is our male athlete of the month for October. This is his third year playing soccer and this year he started as goalkeeper for first time. In the past, he mostly played midfield.

Since Fanwood’s star goalkeeper graduated last year, we started the season without one. Coaches Nicolas and Paul asked Fernando if he would be interested in filing this position. Fernando accepted the challenge and was ready to learn!

Naturally, his first game was not as smooth as we hoped, but the coaches and team have watched him maintain a positive, hard-working attitude in order to become a stronger goalkeeper. Game after game, he improved more and more, and was soon able to consistently make many important saves for the team.

Fernando earned 71 saves during the month of October alone, which is a huge improvement from Septembers 25 saves. Although he showed frustration when he missed saves, he always sought out ways that he could improve, and grow as a player.

The coaches know that Fernando’s leadership on the team will grow and he will become key role on their team. He showed up on time for practice and was always ready to learn something new. Fernando was not a complainer; each time he fell, he picked himself up and readied himself for the next play. This is exactly what is expected of a goalkeeper. The coaches know that he is on his way to becoming a model play for the Tornadoes.

Congratulation, Fernando!

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