High School

High School is a time for growth, exploration, and independence – a time when students prepare for the next stop on the exciting journey to adulthood.

At New York School for the Deaf, the high school department offers a comprehensive and progressive academic program based on the Common Core Standards.  The academic program is rigorous, yet designed to meet the diverse learning needs of deaf students.
Each student’s schedule is tailored to maximize his or her individual success.

State-of-the-art technology is embedded throughout the high school experience and serves as an important tool to enhance learning.

Students are each assigned their own iMac laptop computer to build the skills needed to succeed in a 21st Century.

New York School for the Deaf’s vocational program provides students with a variety of experiences to help determine their interests and strengths in job-readiness skills.   Students build these skills through exploratory classes and partnerships with local businesses.  Through multiple leadership opportunities, high school students gain skills they need to become effective leaders and collaborators.  Specifically, NYSD’s competitive athletics program provides a natural arena for leadership and teamwork.

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