Auditory Oral Program

Fanwood offers a range of classes for children learning through spoken English

In our Auditory Oral classrooms, we focus on maximizing each child’s auditory, listening, language, speech, and literacy abilities. Our academic curriculum is enhanced through songs, poems, and children’s literature.  Reading instruction includes an emphasis on phonetics, along with specialized techniques that support the visual learning needs of our students.

To gain access to sound, most children in this program use cochlear implants or digital hearing aids.  With the latest technology and the support of experienced staff, our children realize their full potential in developing listening and speaking skills.

Throughout the school day, language in the classroom is in Spoken English.  Children develop their potential as oral communicators through small classroom sizes, highly skilled teachers, thematic lessons, and lots of nurturing.

Each classroom is led by a specialized team including a certified Teacher, Teacher’s Assistant, and a Speech Therapist who are experienced in teaching children who are deaf or hard of hearing.  Additional support is given through a Literacy Specialist, Counselors, and OT/PT Staff.

As a supplement, children have the opportunity to engage in unstructured activities each day designed to expose them to sign language.  Much like children in public school classrooms, our students can learn sign language for fun.  This gives children the language tools to successfully communicate with everyone on campus.

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