Where Children Learn to Play…and Play to Learn
This vibrant bilingual community is a place where children use multiple languages, and learn the joy of communication.   Children who learn primarily through visual language are instructed in American Sign Language (ASL).  Children who learn primarily through spoken language are instructed in Spoken English.

At New York School for the Deaf, preschool classrooms are designed by early learning experts to enhance each child’s excitement and love for discovery.

Interactive immersive educational tools are present in every preschool classroom, including Smartboards, iPads, and other interactive technologies.  Innovative teaching methods, engage children and motivate them to be active participants in learning.  In addition, all children enjoy enrichment activities,
such as music, art, and dance.

New York School for the Deaf prepares preschool children to move into elementary school with the confidence and language to express themselves.  They also learn Kindergarten readiness skills in an environment which promotes a love for learning.

All children have the wonderful opportunity to learn from hearing and Deaf professionals with native competency in both ASL and English.

Preschool Teachers
Every preschool teacher is an expert in maximizing the language and skill development of children who are deaf and hard of hearing, including children with cochlear implants.

Teachers and parents work together to promote intensive language learning.  Language development is a primary focus of the preschool program.   It is important for young deaf and hard of hearing students to attain these normal developmental milestones to be well prepared for future academic success.

Auditory Oral Program
In our Auditory Classrooms, we focus on maximizing each child’s auditory, listening language, speech, and literacy abilities.  Spoken English is used throughout the day as the language of instruction in the classroom. To gain access to sound, most children in this program use cochlear implants or digital hearing aids.  With the latest technology and the support of our experienced and highly trained teachers, speech language pathologists, and audiologist, students realize their full potential in becoming oral communicators.

As a supplement, children have the opportunity to learn American Sign Language through fun hands-on activities.  This gives children the language tools to successfully communicate with everyone on campus.  The benefits of learning to communicate in both English and American Sign Language has proven to be very beneficial to students.

Dual Language Program- American Sign Language/English (written and spoken)
The Dual Language Program is an environment that embraces both spoken English and American Sign Language.  Taught by teachers who are native users of each language, children engage in language rich experiences with teachers who can effectively expand and promote American Sign Language and English (spoken and written) language learning.  The benefits of learning to communicate in both English and American Sign Language has proven to be very beneficial to students.

This team develops students’ abilities in both languages through the coordination of lessons and activities.

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