Elementary School

At New York School for the Deaf, elementary school children are immersed in their education and learn with joy and enthusiasm.

High expectations are promoted within a child-centered environment.   Classroom activities are hands-on, and encourage exploration both inside and outside of the classroom.

This vibrant bilingual community is a place where students use multiple languages.  Children who learn primarily through a visual language are instructed in American Sign Language (ASL).  Children who learn primarily through a spoken language are instructed in Spoken English.

Interactive educational technologies are present in every elementary classroom, including Smartboards, iPads, and other technologies.  Innovative teaching methods, engage students and motivate them to be active participants in learning.

The curriculum is rich in language arts, and based on the common core standards. Through a strong interdisciplinary focus, children gain a substantial body of knowledge along with the ability to make connections between various areas of learning. Through hands on experiences, students test scientific methods and gain insight into their local and global communities.

As children grow, they learn to see themselves as writers, historians, problem-solvers, and scientists.  Their vivid imagination and creativity are also explored in the dance studio, in the art room and in enrichment classes.

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