Family Infant Program

The Family Infant Program at New York School for the Deaf is a comprehensive, family centered program designed for deaf and hard-of-hearing children as well as their families.

Children may begin the program at birth – or as soon as a hearing loss has been diagnosed – and remain until they are ready to transition to preschool. Funded by the New York State Department of Education, the program’s services are provided at no cost to families.

The program’s ultimate goal is to have each child reach his or her full potential and to give parents the tools, support and information they need to create an optimal learning environment for their child, make informed choices and be a strong advocate for their child.

Fanwood’s Family Infant Program includes:

  • Individual Educational Sessions with a teacher of the deaf, held in the family’s home or at the school.
  • Playgroup Sessions are held at the school and give children the chance to learn as a part of the group, socialize with peers and develop the necessary skills for a smooth transition to preschool.
  • Audiology Services are available at our school. Our Educational Audiologist is equipped to test and monitor children’s hearing, troubleshoot various hearing devices, such as digital hearing aids, FM systems and cochlear implants.
  • Parent Support Groups give parents the opportunity to meet other families and staff and to discuss the many topics around their child’s hearing loss, as well as early childhood development in general.
  • Special Language Support for Two Year-Olds: Individual speech services may be available to be provided by Speech Pathologists. Individual ASL support may be available to be provided by ASL specialists.
  • American Sign Language Classes are free of charge to parents of deaf children in our Family Infant Program.
  • A Lending library of books and educational videos is available.

Fanwood’s Family Infant Program offers Parents:

  1. Strategies to maximize their child’s cognitive and language development
  2. Information to make decisions regarding communication options
  3. Assistance in the transition process and choosing the most appropriate preschool placement

For more information about Fanwood’s infant education program, please contact FIP Coordinator, Marla Sivak, at the following email address: or (914) 949-7310 ext. 8300

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